I was deeply touched by the gruffy voice by the actor,feeling very sad
for him.I know ,like me,he lost his favoriate ,too.

看了这部电影,我对Selim跟我讲的,if you have sleeped with her,the
feeling is quite
sex or not,是区别是不是true love 的一个criteria.The girl you are really
into ,you fucked her ,and love her more.The girl you just wanna get laid
for sex pleasure,after the sex,you think she is useless.You don’t wannt
to see her anymore.

You criteria is within every man’s heart .No one will get the answer
unless the man tells it out.


还有,男主并不是因为lack of sex才有恋童癖,他也娶了老婆,his
wife,lolitta ‘s mother is a sexy & charming woman,so we can exclude the

The final conclusion is that the man ‘s love to lolitta is true love.

It ‘s a heart-breaking movie,to those who understand it.

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